Michael Dormitorio

Singapore 550335

Technology Summary
  • WPF, WCF, WF, Silverlight, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (MVC and WebForms), ASP.NET AJAX, Entity Framework, LINQ, SharePoint
  • C#, Visual Basic, Java, C++
  • SQL, jQuery/jQuery UI, knockoutJS/knockout validation, JavaScript, VBScript, InstallScript
  • OOP, UML, Design Patterns (GoF, MVC, MVVM), Domain Driven Design
  • Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 11g, MS Visio, Visual SourceSafe, VSSConnect, TFS, SVN, InstallShield 5.5/7/12/2009, .NET Reflector, Spy++, Orca, AutoIT, IntelliJ, PowerBuilder, TeamCity
Professional Experience
  • Commerzbank AG
    Nov 2012 - Present
    • Software Engineer
      Nov 2012 - Present
      • Participated in the different internal applications mainly using the technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Razor, jQuery/jQuery UI, knockoutJS/knockout validation, JavaScript, CSS, Silverlight, Prism, MVVM, MEF, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Java, MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, SharePoint, and PowerBuilder. These applications are either deployed in Windows or UNIX (Solaris/Red Hat) platforms.
  • Argentra Pte. Ltd.
    April 2012 - Nov 2012
    • Software Engineer
      April 2012 - Nov 2012
      • Participated in creating an extension of the existing Navision software system for the existing Courts credit and collection system.
      • Implemented the call center and administration modules of the Toshiba service center system that will be used to manage the calls and log repair requests made by the customers.
      • Participated in the bug fixing for the pre-rollout of Print Access Management (PAM) that is used to intercept and log print jobs sent to a particular printer, which enables it to inspect and filter print jobs based on configured rules as well as perform post operations such as adding watermark on the pages.
  • Emerson Process Management
    January 2006 - March 2012
    • Senior Software Developer
      October 2009 - March 2012
      • Participated in the re-architecture of Guardian website and its underlying services.
      • Evaluated the different technologies which includes ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, HTML5, Entity Framework, and LLBLGen and determined which would be well suited for the next generation Guardian portal.
      • Designed, implemented, and unit tested the different requirements for the Guardian 8.0 release. Additionally, made some major redesign of applications such as the conversion of Windows Forms application to WPF and conceptualized an "update engine" framework to make the client/server application easy to extend.
      • One of the 24/7 on-call production support team and provided real time feedback on the issues encountered by the customers when browsing through the Guardian Web Portal
      • Consultant for the re-architecture of the next generation DeltaV installatioin.
      • Re-wrote the installation project of OPC Collection from the legacy InstallShield 5.5 to InstallShield 2009.
      • Provided technical supervision to the team's OJTs (intern).
    • Intermediate Software Developer
      January 2008 - October 2009
      • Project owner of the SureService Registration Utility for DeltaV v11.3.
      • Fixed issues for the DeltaV v11.3 release which encompasses SureService Registration Utility and OPC.
      • Participated in the localization of DeltaV v10.3.1.
      • Implemented and unit tested the different requirements on the installation and deployment area of DeltaV v10.3.
      • Provided technical supervision to the team's OJTs (intern).
    • Software Developer
      January 2006 - December 2007
      • Conceptualized the use of object maps in the test automation framework with properties set to match the actual widget being described but uses a matching algorithm that can tolerate misspelled text or control modification, which makes the automated test behave similar to human beings.
      • Designed and implemented a test automation script parser and the runner that is responsible for simulating mouse, keyboard, and windows events as well as obtaining states of selected widgets.
      • Designed and implemented 100% of all the code for the Guardian Monitoring Service which automates the functions of monitoring the availability of the Guardian Web Portal and its underlying services. The design was made in such a way that it anticipates future applications and services that may be monitored and can be added without making any code changes.
  • Mapua Institute of Technology
    Makati City, Philippines
    MS Computer Science major in Software Development
    July 2005 - March 2007
    Thesis Topic: Test Plan Evolution for Regression Testing (Individual). The idea of this project is to make the test plan “evolved” by itself when there are UI changes that are made into the application. The testing of the feature would ignore all UI changes and report a failure only when there are ambiguities on the operation itself. The framework used a rule based system to determine the actual failure, system intermittent errors, and UI changes.
  • Technological University of the Philippines Visayas
    Talisay City, Philippines
    BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
    June 2000 - March 2005
    Thesis Topic: Development of a Universal Service Application for Home Automation and Security (Group). The idea of this project is to create a prototype of a service application for GSM cellular phones which automates home devices and secures home from burglars, fire, and other unexpected scenarios. A miniature house is created and devices are attached to a hardware module interfaced on a computer.
    • Designed the demultiplexer block of the project.
    • Programmed the data and command handling from the mobile phone to the computer, from the computer to the electronic devices, and vice-versa.
    • Handled the mobile interfacing.
    • Created the user interface of the service application.