Why Virtual Legends?

Some time ago, I had a separate personal blog site on multiply which mostly contains my compositions, rants, and just about anything under the sun. (In case you didn't know by the way, multiply has closed down last year permanently and all my blog posts there were forever gone.) Anyway, writing has been one of my favorite pastimes when I was young. Yeah, you heard me right - particularly, during high school, I am a writer, mostly, songwriting. But there was a point in my life when I entered prose - essays, short stories, and novels. Virtual Legends is supposed to be a novel about a young clairvoyant man who is able to see different species, thought to be an evolution from the human race. Well, it's a long story but, basically, it's just like any sci-fi or superhero movie where the antagonist would like to eradicate the entire human race for the sake of speeding up the evolution of mankind. Sounds familiar, right?

So, why did I call my blog site Virtual Legends? Since the name was taken from the supposed novel that I never finished, the overall theme of this blog site should be primarily about writing and composition. Then, every time I see my site title "Virtual Legends", I would somehow be compelled to write about non-technical stuffs. But how is that going so far? Well, as you can see, this blog site has been filled with software development; yet, I am trying my best to make this not just about that so, yeah, you will be seeing more of my compositions in the near future.

Now, here's one of the songs that is based on that same book and with the same title as my blog site.

Virtual Legends

Close your eyes
Look inside your soul
And see it cry
You're the next
We're playing goons along
Well, you try your best.

Coz they send you to shiver in this world you came in from.
A little of disease you create can never harm.

No second chance
The battle never ends
Try to interfere
Go tell your dad
No, he won't be able to help
Coz he is blind

I wished the windows talk to me coz they've got something to tell.
These human beings never understand me - it's pathetic!
Something's wrong and I think I can never make it to the end of this day.
It's gettin' late and I kinda blow my mind into little pieces.

I feel like a legend.
There's a vortex in between us.
A mystery never been told
By the scriptures in the past.
Illusions are over.
The real world is here.
It's not so fantastic.
You'll soon understand.

Hold your breath
They hear whay you say
And know your moves
Cross the road
Leave everything alone
In this world of the unknown

I see a scar
Do you see it?
It's not too far
Lost in a maze
It's tricky
Go find your way

You'll never have a time for choices if you want to remain in here
Not love or peace; it's injury and just gonna tear you up
But either hide yourself or make a war is brief but it works at all
Just make a wish you'll gonna win this race coz they'll gonna get you
(Repeat Chorus)

Look for some signs
Although it's hard to find
Never hesitate
Just think it's a gentle lake
Round and round it goes
Up and down for more
Confusing puzzle to solve
What's the verdict?
I see it coming
Like blood spilled on the floor.

I'm stepping in a cemetary ground; below it's a scene you please
A talking stranger never had the chance to express his feelings.
I can spell reality if you give me a chance to speak
Will all the virtual legends be revealed?
(Repeat Chorus)