When there's a war to fear
And the world has turned away
Hold onto this ground in here
'Cause there will be a light in the end
And everything will be back again
'Cause a hero will be saving our land.

And when you think that everything's just a burden
Don't give up 'cause everybody feels just the same
There's blood! Oh, this world is full of sickness and hatred
But let's fight to stop this evil inside
When they say that you're wrong and they think that they're right
Be a hero - no one knows who you might.

And if you stumble and fall
Would anyone be there to coalesce?
And if all hope seems lost
Would it break your heart and take your spirit away?
Or would you stand up and pull yourself together?

Then, this world doesn't mind all the good that you've done
Still, you're there and helped everyone who's been dumped.
Soon, they will all realize
For the good is really what you desire.
And when the eleventh-hour had strike
You're the hero everyone should've side.
This is how it's going to end
A life to remember again.