Dome of Life

This room is dark; what a dome it is!
So wicked it can never be called happiness
Days half-filled but the half is not enough
Light so rare you'd better stay on tough

Hives and colony are just but a simple lair
Pain everywhere; hurt can never disappear
Life is down when your heart's broken in two
What's there to find if there's nothing worth looking for?

Silver and gold can never pay the price
No laughter, no joy, no worth of sacrifice
And if one moves, will this step gonna sore again?
Will time retain itself? And better change's gonna be when?

What's in one's time when the time you've dreamt of
Is gonna end up with grievances and no meaning at all?
It's easy to die when living feels like hell;
It's easy to live when you're life's got a story to tell.

There are faces between views that are barely a secret
But man tries to divert himself from the legend
Now my work is done; let me breathe on my own
Soften up your heart but the dome's still hard as stone!