Break Away From The Parade

Once upon a time
There was a living shifted one
An old man I used to know
Crumpled bag into the ground
Sloppy seven changing sound
I saw it coming through the show

Living promises I've seen
A thousand words just what I meant
It felt like a TV film
Arriving at the westside stand
Just looking psycho with the band
Churches on the ground and fire
Around it waiting for a finishing

Refrain 1:
They're gone
A minute
Before the crowd
Too late
You can't break away
From the parade.

Living underneath the ditch
The digger's waiting to be set
Some ashes really need to burn
Open answers, closing side
Looking cool to think you're right
But it's hard to deny that cycle turns

Trying to be nice
Having so many lucks but hardships pay the price
The shim'ring sense of vermin pain
And now a happy day I've felt
The next day I just couldn't tell
I flip an inch and dimming light
Beyond the silver stopping veins.

Refrain 2:
The scenes I've seen
The shouts I've heard
And the lies that felt
So deeply absurd
To stay at peak
You need to leave
All the things that make you sick
And start to blend as if you wanted it.  

Not even done with the waste and the garbages
Scattered all around the crest
Is there anyway to break the edge?
It seems as if the books you read
Had made you do just what they said
But never learned how to throw the ledge.

Communicate with people
Making all those tittle-tattle
I wonder is there any end?
A stolen power have been possessed
Don't know how to control; led it all to waste
When already awaken with the guilt
You can never be called an innocent.
(Repeat Refrain 1 & 2)