Site Updates: June 22, 2014

I have finally rolled out the first part of my redesigned web site. Initially, I was planning to implement all of the features in a single release but it would mean that I won't be able to create new posts until the new version is out so I decided to deploy in multiple phases.

Phase 1 contains the core changes. First up, I have upgraded (more like started from ground-up) several components and project types...

Site Updates: May 30, 2014

In case you haven't noticed, I have made some changes to my site for the past few months but I haven't posted yet the details of the changes because there is just nothing major that is worth mentioning. But since there has been a lot of minor changes already (mostly trimming down features), allow me to single them out here in this blog post.

On my site's earlier versions, I have a feature that allows some sort of user input which includes the contact page and the comments section for each of the blog posts. I have temporarily removed them. The top reason is because it is prone to cross-site scripting (XSS) attack (which I have kept silent until now, lolz). In case you didn't know what is an XSS attack, it is by injecting malicious javascript codes (or a similar client side scripting technology) onto input forms that allows html tags. The comment forms, for instance, allows insertion of html tags for formatting purposes which includes but is not limited to font properties, text color, text decorations, and line breaks. However, comment forms should have the ability to accept a selected range of tags; otherwise, a malicious user can add a script tag which can execute almost about anything that targets an innocent user visiting your site. Now, your site becomes the reason why this poor user, for example, has his mail accounts get hacked. Since I don't want this to happen, I had to take it down until I could implement a good input form or find a ready-made replacement. Of course, I'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel but it seems I couldn't find a good one that fits my needs. So, for now, if you need to communicate to me, just reach me via my email or if you're my facebook friend, you can just comment from there since I post each of my blogs to my wall...

Site Updates: September 26, 2012

It's been a while since I have updated my site and so, I guess it would be a good idea to add more functionalities to it. Below are the updates:

  • Improved blog post navigation by adding a Previous and Next buttons on the drill down page of each blog post.
  • Included tags to each blog post and related blog posts can now be viewed by tag.
  • Search engine optimization which includes friendly URLs and proper use of HTML tags...

Site Updates: August 5, 2012

For this week, I made some major changes on my site which includes the following:

  • The blog posts are no longer static content. An xml file has been used to load the content of each blog post. I choose an xml file as my data source because it's free, unlike using a database.
  • Drill down page for a blog post has been added. One can go to the drill down page by clicking on the title of the blog post. (I know that the title does not appear to be a link going to the drill down page but I don't know how to make this appear like one without adding an underline. Any suggestions?)
  • On the drill down page, visitors of the site can post their comments. The comment utilizes the gravatar associated to one's email. If the email has no gravatar associated, a default image would be used. (In case you don't know what's a gravatar, just click on this link.)
  • New validation logic has been added to the contact page. Previously, the only validation are the required fields. Max length and email format has been added as validation rules for the appropriate fields.
  • The date created of the blog post is displayed below the title...