Pale Sky

Don't look back in this world of the unknown.
Never stop along the path you call your own;
Never show fear even if you seemed to drown;
Never lose hope and never feel down.

Look around you and tell me what you've seen.
Isn't it this madness where you've been?
A contagious one widely spread
A disease that doesn't lay down and play dead...

Dome of Life

This room is dark; what a dome it is!
So wicked it can never be called happiness
Days half-filled but the half is not enough
Light so rare you'd better stay on tough

Hives and colony are just but a simple lair
Pain everywhere; hurt can never disappear
Life is down when your heart's broken in two
What's there to find if there's nothing worth looking for...

When there's a war to fear
And the world has turned away
Hold onto this ground in here
'Cause there will be a light in the end
And everything will be back again
'Cause a hero will be saving our land.

And when you think that everything's just a burden
Don't give up 'cause everybody feels just the same
There's blood! Oh, this world is full of sickness and hatred
But let's fight to stop this evil inside
When they say that you're wrong and they think that they're right
Be a hero - no one knows who you might...

Real World
It's dawn or it was late in the night.
I was cold so I sleep with the fire on
Looking for the way out of this world
Again my eyes had to see.

I wonder would it reach to my skin
All the words and the things that you've told me
'Cause it's freakin' me out...

Maybe Tomorrow
I'll start this off with a question.
That's bothering in my mind.
Has the future been written.
Can fate be modified?

If I'd survived and passed the test
That I encounter in the darkness.
And live tomorrow.
I hope somebody would be there to lift me up
I'd wish that I could stay so I could live.
I could live a-another day...

Defilers are all that's left in this dome.
Life is reckoning for it cannot surpass the crypts.
It's ailing to see that justice comes unknown
And flakes the mind where it leaves a rift.

Feed the nerves to the zenith of your master
So proves the vile - soul is drawn!
All the necromancers desecrates this earth.
Where are all the healers to dispel this illusion...

Break Away From The Parade
Once upon a time
There was a living shifted one
An old man I used to know
Crumpled bag into the ground
Sloppy seven changing sound
I saw it coming through the show

Living promises I've seen
A thousand words just what I meant
It felt like a TV film
Arriving at the westside stand
Just looking psycho with the band
Churches on the ground and fire
Around it waiting for a finishing...

Why Virtual Legends?

Some time ago, I had a separate personal blog site on multiply which mostly contains my compositions, rants, and just about anything under the sun. (In case you didn't know by the way, multiply has closed down last year permanently and all my blog posts there were forever gone.) Anyway, writing has been one of my favorite pastimes when I was young. Yeah, you heard me right - particularly, during high school, I am a writer, mostly, songwriting. But there was a point in my life when I entered prose - essays, short stories, and novels. Virtual Legends is supposed to be a novel about a young clairvoyant man who is able to see different species, thought to be an evolution from the human race. Well, it's a long story but, basically, it's just like any sci-fi or superhero movie where the antagonist would like to eradicate the entire human race for the sake of speeding up the evolution of mankind. Sounds familiar, right?

So, why did I call my blog site Virtual Legends? Since the name was taken from the supposed novel that I never finished, the overall theme of this blog site should be primarily about writing and composition. Then, every time I see my site title "Virtual Legends", I would somehow be compelled to write about non-technical stuffs. But how is that going so far? Well, as you can see, this blog site has been filled with software development; yet, I am trying my best to make this not just about that so, yeah, you will be seeing more of my compositions in the near future...