Why Virtual Legends?

Some time ago, I had a separate personal blog site on multiply which mostly contains my compositions, rants, and just about anything under the sun. (In case you didn't know by the way, multiply has closed down last year permanently and all my blog posts there were forever gone.) Anyway, writing has been one of my favorite pastimes when I was young. Yeah, you heard me right - particularly, during high school, I am a writer, mostly, songwriting. But there was a point in my life when I entered prose - essays, short stories, and novels. Virtual Legends is supposed to be a novel about a young clairvoyant man who is able to see different species, thought to be an evolution from the human race. Well, it's a long story but, basically, it's just like any sci-fi or superhero movie where the antagonist would like to eradicate the entire human race for the sake of speeding up the evolution of mankind. Sounds familiar, right?

So, why did I call my blog site Virtual Legends? Since the name was taken from the supposed novel that I never finished, the overall theme of this blog site should be primarily about writing and composition. Then, every time I see my site title "Virtual Legends", I would somehow be compelled to write about non-technical stuffs. But how is that going so far? Well, as you can see, this blog site has been filled with software development; yet, I am trying my best to make this not just about that so, yeah, you will be seeing more of my compositions in the near future...

The Long Hiatus - Gone and Over

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post in here but yeah, for quite some time, my hands wanted to scribble around my thoughts and everything that happened so far in my life.

So what happened during this more than year long hiatus? Well, the greatest contributing factor for keeping me away from my laptop and free from thinking technical aspects is that I suffered from leg pain which I have it diagnosed to the doctors here in Singapore but they haven't had any clue what is really wrong with my feet. It was quite disappointing and everyday, I felt I don't have any drive to do anything useful anymore...

The Native Validation Rules of Knockout Validation

The KnockoutJS library does not come with its own validation by default and so, you have to choose from any of the validation frameworks available out there or create your own. For me, it's a perfect fit to use KnockoutJS Validation library which can be downloaded here. In this blog post, I'll list down the native validation rules that are available when using Knockout validation. I will not be giving a lot of concrete examples as I will focus more on the logic of how each of the native validation rules work.

The general syntax of using knockout validation is shown below...

Site Updates: September 26, 2012

It's been a while since I have updated my site and so, I guess it would be a good idea to add more functionalities to it. Below are the updates:

  • Improved blog post navigation by adding a Previous and Next buttons on the drill down page of each blog post.
  • Included tags to each blog post and related blog posts can now be viewed by tag.
  • Search engine optimization which includes friendly URLs and proper use of HTML tags...

jqGrid Series, Part 1: Loading Data to a jqGrid on an ASP.NET MVC Application

It's a common task in most applications to load a bunch of data and display it as a list. Although you can manually form your markup that will display your data, there are several controls out there that are available that will aid you in displaying the intended data in an elegant manner.

jqGrid is one of the jQuery plugins that accepts data in several forms such as a JavaScript array, xml, and json and renders it in a grid-like look and feel with several built-in features such as sorting, paging, and searching. As there are a few resources out there that actually covers using of jqGrid in ASP.NET MVC, I'll be starting a series of walkthroughs and tutorials on how to incorporate jqGrid in your web application...