About Mike and the Site

Let me make this short. My name is Michael Dormitorio. I am a software engineer currently developing web applications. I have been into the web environment for about five years already. Back then, I have been on the backend services and desktop development. But I have always wanted to be on the web development business although from time to time, my job calls for doing either of them. Nevertheless, I've wanted to be constantly building web applications even on the side of my work. As such, I've decided to create my personal web site from scratch using the technologies that I really longed for, which includes but is not limited to ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, knockoutJS, and Entity Framework. The initial pages for my blog will simply be static pages but it will later evolve to allow features like adding comments, including tags, and sharing to social networks.

My blog will contain both technical and non-technical posts although perhaps, 80% of the time, it will all be technical. For my non-technical posts... maybe, that's when my alter ego is trying to take over me. I have a poetic side that makes my mind overflow with words and rhymes though it has lately subside due to my busy schedule. If I'd be bored, I might be able to write another song or two. But right now, I'm so excited to launch this web site.

So, I guess, that's of all what I wanted to say about me and what I do.

Welcome to my personal web site!