Pale Sky

Don't look back in this world of the unknown.
Never stop along the path you call your own;
Never show fear even if you seemed to drown;
Never lose hope and never feel down.

Look around you and tell me what you've seen.
Isn't it this madness where you've been?
A contagious one widely spread
A disease that doesn't lay down and play dead...

Dome of Life

This room is dark; what a dome it is!
So wicked it can never be called happiness
Days half-filled but the half is not enough
Light so rare you'd better stay on tough

Hives and colony are just but a simple lair
Pain everywhere; hurt can never disappear
Life is down when your heart's broken in two
What's there to find if there's nothing worth looking for...

Fixing That Date/Time Globalization Issue

Right after I created a new blog post in this new version of my site, I immediately noticed that the time of post is incorrect and reads around 2PM instead of 10PM. I, then, knew that I have one of those date/time globalization issue again. I used to solve this issue by changing the database and web server timezones to be in sync with client's timezones since I have always been in control with the servers. But as I am hosting my website using Azure while my database in ClearDB, I totally don't have any control with their timezones. I am, then, compelled to fix this.

First up is to synchronize all the times for all of the server code. Normally, UTC times are being used in storing date/time data...

Site Updates: June 22, 2014

I have finally rolled out the first part of my redesigned web site. Initially, I was planning to implement all of the features in a single release but it would mean that I won't be able to create new posts until the new version is out so I decided to deploy in multiple phases.

Phase 1 contains the core changes. First up, I have upgraded (more like started from ground-up) several components and project types...

When there's a war to fear
And the world has turned away
Hold onto this ground in here
'Cause there will be a light in the end
And everything will be back again
'Cause a hero will be saving our land.

And when you think that everything's just a burden
Don't give up 'cause everybody feels just the same
There's blood! Oh, this world is full of sickness and hatred
But let's fight to stop this evil inside
When they say that you're wrong and they think that they're right
Be a hero - no one knows who you might...